Please join us at the San Diego Jewish Community Hackathon on Sunday 5/7 from 12 noon -5 p.m. to have some fun and help transform Jewish San Diego!

What It Is  An afternoon designed to go deep with a favorite idea, or offer a new one, refine a program idea and pitch and help the top 5 teams/program ideas win $2500 each in prizes to help their program succeed!  Timeline and FAQ for the Hackathon  May 7th from Noon – 5 p.m.RSVP

There are judges, and prize awards will be shark tank style, but we will crowd-source some of the prizes too.

We need your creative energy there to help brainstorm, and share refine some of these projects!  A great opportunity to meet new friends as well.

We start with lunch, pick a project we’re interested in after hearing 28 second pitches, and with our feedback and a business accelerator’s facilitation, we will have some fun helping local community members plan the best program they can deliver. All are designed to transform Jewish San Diego in new and exciting ways.

Jewish projects for all ages including a local Urban Kibbutz, a do it yourself music broadcast program, Jewish Yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes for local Yoga enthusiasts and instructors, Inspiring Jewish social media for teens & millenials, a Yiddish hip/shabbat program, and even programs designed to combat hate and BDS on College campuses.

See some of the 28 second project pitches for the day here
These activities are covered in L’Chaim Magazine’s April Issue & cover story, Yachad Together As One – click here

The goals for San Diego’s Community Hackathon are:

1. Identify program ideas that may successfully engage Jewish San Diego related to education, community, and connection.
2. Provide a space and a time for participants to develop solutions and make headway on programs of personal interest.

Some have asked who will be at the Hackathon. We’re happy to share with your permission!  When you register for the Hackathon give us consent to share your contact information and we’ll make sure to get you a list before we meet on 5/7!

Anyone can make a pitch before or on 5/7 of a project.  If you plan to pitch a project, we encourage you to download the Covenant Foundation Voices app to your phone or click on the link below and create a video pitch to be shared through social media as we recruit participants for the Hackathon.
Reserve your spot! Participants are limited to keep project teams meaningful.   RSVP TODAY!

Hope you can join us!

Tarbuton​ is a 501c3 that was founded in 2006 to engage San Diego’s Jewish community by encouraging grassroots and lay led Jewish and Israeli cultural programs for youth and adults that educate, build community and strengthen Jewish identity. Flagship programs include adult clubs Cafe v’Ivrit, and Film and Literature groups, the annual Hagiga Ivrit festival that promotes celebration of Hebrew and Israel in San Diego and Startup18 programs that support grassroots Jewish community program development.

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