A recent resolution by the "teachers" union AFT Guild Local 1931 under Jim Mahler, president of the local which represents the and Grossmont-Cuyamaca community college districts for Community College has determined that the destruction of the state of Israel is not antisemitism. These outright antisemites say that Israel has occupied for 73 years Arab land (meaning since Israel became a State). How is it possible that these teachers not understand the history of the land of Israel before making such claims? What about knowing the Balfour Declaration and so many articles which define the State of Israel, and which,in fact,was reduced in size by the British giving the Arabs more land than that was outlined by the League of Nations agreement.

Again these "demagogues" say that the Arabs should return to the lands they were removed from. The correct word is definitely “left”, not "removed" and their return to Israel would serve one purpose which is the termination of the Jewish State, being what these poorly informed want to do by their resolution.
The Arabs who left Israel went to Lebanon, Jordan, etc. Since then, they remain as refugees and have NOT improved their living conditions because their own brethren do not care for them.

Let's look at Gaza, where there is not a single Jew living as has been the case for years. Did this stop the Arabs from voting for Hamas so as to destroy Israel? Of course not; they are thrilled every time they kill a human being, not only Israelis.

While we just memorialized the 20-year anniversary of the Arab destruction of lives and property in New York, the Pentagon, etc.,the Arabs in "the so-called “Palestine" are rejoicing the deaths of thousands of Americans just as they did 20 years ago.
In the same manner, their mothers rejoice over their children sacrificing themselves, considering them to be martyrs/heroes in return for monetary remuneration.

Does this Union of teachers not realize that the so-called West Bank’s correct name is Judea and Sumaria? The land was and is part of Israel. again many declarations acknowledge this.

The master puppeteer in Ramallah is an octogenarian who has been in power for 17 years with full control of terrorists, who he appreciates for all the murders they committed. He probably has, as Arafat had, over $1Billion dollars in private French banks from world donations orginally intended for the improvement of civilian life.
Do you really expect Israel to continue to try to offer peace treaties with a people who chant death to Israel and to America ?

What about all the rockets the Palestinians constantly fire unprovoked on Israel’s civilian population instead of having a peace dialogue?

A spokesman for the Community College District said the district had no comment on the resolution other than to say “we stand with all of our students and employees”. In actuality, referring to ANTISEMITIC students and teachers who just voted for the destruction of Israel.

Teachers should be instructiong about the accomplishments of the state of Israel which ought to always be in receipt of worldly recognition stemming from their technological inventions, to medicinal advancements, agricultural discoveries etc. What about their first response medical aid given to various nations after a natural disaster? Does that hat not bear merit?

The label of “apartheid” indicates the highest level of ignorance. Israelis, Arabs, and Christians have increased their numbers in Israel year after year.

I would like to know the origin of the monies supporting these resolutions.

Teachers should have to read history before they teach furthermore, they should look at the map of what the BDS Students for peace in P. etc.looks like. There is no ISRAEL
I would assume that they did know that Rosh Hashanah would commence the day after the vote thus impeding many Jews from voting.


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