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Policía en alerta ante una posible amenaza en una sinagoga en Alemania

Unidades policiales se han desplegado la tarde de este miércoles en las calles cercanas a una sinagoga en la ciudad alemana de Hagen ante una posible amenaza reportada en el templo, reporta Reuters. De momento,...

Charlie Hebdo’s Sarah Halimi cover: Should antisemitism be decriminalized?

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo reacted on Wednesday to the recent decision by the French Court of Cassation to absolve the 2017 murderer of Sarah Halimi of criminal responsibility because he took cannabis before...

The dirty truth behind J street is coming out

Let it be known that: 1) J Street wants a deal between the USA and Iran; no interest in Israel. 2) J Street wants a 2-state solution so that according to them, Israel can continue to...

Intrinsic sickness

It takes years to finally adopt a resolution opposing the demonizing of Israel and  antisemitism. In this case, it is about the definition as accepted and proposed  by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (...

Another anti semitic act by Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo in 2018 became a signatory for a "singer" named Lourde who is a serious antisemite. Ruffalo signed a letter titled "Artists for Palestine", endorsing her for cancelling her show in Israel. By...

162 House Dems Vote in favor of anti-Israelism

Letter to the editor Incredible again! The Democratic party votes against a measurement that would combat anti Israelism. For one, that included a typical Democrat, Schiff, a Californian and second  Ted Lieu, LA representative. Remember Lieu...