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Palabra Yiddish del día: Rosh Hashone

Palabra Yiddish del día: Rosh Hashone

Ed Asner’s Jewish Life

We honor the memory of acclaimed actor and activist Ed Asner, z"l (1929-2021). Christa Whitney had the special opportunity to sit down with Ed for an interview as part of the Center’s Wexler Oral...

¿Por qué solo yiddish y Djuedeo-Espanyol ? Oxford quiere enseñarte Judeo-Tat y Karaim

Cuando hace mucho tiempo que los judíos pedían su café en Bagdad, cotilleaban en Derbent o intercambiaban recetas en Kurdistán, lo hacían en judeoárabe, juhuri y neoaramaico, idiomas que están casi perdidos y, con...

"Kinderyorn", canción yiddish de Cracovia

Kinderjohren (childhood). Yiddish song. English translation Interpretada por Boris Vaikhansky Kinderjohren yiddish song from Cracow Performed by the norwegian-jewish singer and actress Bente Kahan.

The Times They Were a-Changin’: Jewish Protest Singers of the 1960s, with Seth Rogovoy

While they may have shed the Yiddish language, Jewish singers and songwriters perpetuated the tradition of songs of social justice in the countercultural ferment of the 1960s. Musicians ranging from Bob Dylan to Phil...

Palabra Yiddish del día: Color Rojo

Yiddish Word of the Day: The Color Red

YIVO Yiddish Club: Yiddish Duolingo and Learning Yiddish Today with Meena-Lifshe Viswanath, Isac Polasak,...

Nu, vilst redn a bisele yidish? A new event for Yiddish enthusiasts the world over, the YIVO Yiddish club is an informal monthly gathering to celebrate mame-loshn. Hosted by Shane Baker, sessions will take place in English,...

Palabras de la semana: Día mundial del donador de sangre

העלפֿט‮ ראַטעווען עמעצן ‮דאָס לעבן – גיט בלוט אויב איר‮ קענט נאָר, און וואָס‮ אָפֿטער! Help to save someone’s life – give blood if you possibly can, as often as you can! anemia: די אַנעמיע; די/דאָס בלוטאָרעמקײט antigen: דער אַנטיגען, ־⁠ען apheresis: דער אַפֿערעז blood bank: די...

Yiddish Theater Music with Miryem-Khaye Seigel

This session features Yiddish singer, songwriter, actor, and researcher in the field of Yiddish culture Miryem-Khaye Seigel for a discussion of her cultural work with Yiddish, and research in Yiddish theater music. Register here.

Labzik: tales of clever pup

Adapted from a book of children's stories by Yiddish author Chaver Paver, Labzik: Tales of a Clever Pup follows the (mis)adventures of a clever mutt named Labzik and the working-class Jewish family that adopts him. Balancing...