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How Our Focus On Appearance Today Trivializes Us

When we hear the word “appearance”, normally the first association that comes to our minds is personal appearance.  How do I look today?  Are my clothes neat and clean and fashionable?  Is my hair...

The Causes And Effects Of Acting Foolish

There are many different ways that the word foolish is used in everyday speech.  But all of them seem to have in common the underlying meaning of not taking into account the potentially negative...

The Problem With Always Solving Problems Today

One thing that all humans have is problems.  Problems are defined discrete tension-pockets that create irritation, discomfort and pain for humans and that inspire humans to try and find ways of eliminating these tension-pockets...

The Loss Of Need Today For Human Skills

The whole nature of human abilities, human skills is gradually being transformed as a result of modern technology.  Three different kinds of transformation seem to be occurring.  First of all, some kinds of abilities...

El Reto de la racionalidad

En este nuevo panorama mundial ciber-tecnológico todos debemos aprender a relacionarnos de maneras virtuales que partan del respeto y la compasión entendida esta última como empatía moral. Sin embargo, la naturalización del odio, la...