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Palabra Yiddish de la semana || La biblioteca

When she’s upset, she likes to walk over to the library, pick out a random book, sit down in the reading room and just relax. ‮ווען זי ווערט אויפֿגערעגט האָט זי ליב צוצושפּאַצירן אין ביבליאָטעק,...

Palabras de la Semana en Yiddish: Lo Sobrenatural

I thought I saw an apparition levitating, but it must have just been my imagination.

Palabras Yiddish de la semana: Un nuevo bebé

The nursing mother was so happy when her husband started to feed the baby with a bottle. די זייגערין האָט זיך אַזוי דערפֿרייט ווע‮ן איר מאַן האָט אָנגעהויבן געבן דעם קינד דאָס פֿלעשל. The baby lay...

Palabras de la Semana en Yiddish: ¡Feliz Purim!

Purim nonsense rhyme: אַ גוטן פּו֜רים, אַ֜לע׳ך‮ <מלאך>‮! וווּ איך גיי פֿ‮אַל איך‮, די באָרד איז מי‮ר לאַנג,‮ דאָס ווײַב איז מיר‮ קראַנק‮, הײַנט איז פּו֜רים, מאָרגן‮ איז אויס‮ –‮ גיט מיר אַ פּע֜ני <‮גראָשן> און וואַרפֿט מיך‮ אַרויס‮! A GUTN...

Palabras yiddish de la semana: Guerra en Ucrania

We hope and pray for a speedy end to the war and bloodshed in Ukraine. מיר האָפֿן און בעטן אויף אַ גיכן ‮סוף צו מלחמה און בלוט־פֿאַרגיסונג אין אוקראַיִנע. air raid: דער אָנפֿלי, ־⁠ען air-raid shelter: דער אָנפֿלי־⁠באַהאַלטער, ־⁠ס ally: דער...

Tema Yiddish de la semana: La carretera

Moyshe went out into the street and noticed a lot of traffic. He also noticed that his car was somehow not in the spot where he had parked it yesterday. Gone! He soon realized...

Palabra Yiddish de la semana: Año nuevo

Out with the old, in with the new! We wish you all a good year, a happy year, and – most importantly – a healthy year! פֿון אַלטן אַוו‮עק, צום נײַעם פֿאָרויס! מיר ווינטשן אײַך אַלעמען אַ...

Palabra Yiddish de la semana || Invierno

Winter officially starts in several days, on December 21. In the greater New York area there’s no sign yet of a real winter. No snow on the horizon, certainly no blizzards, and the weather...

Palabra Yiddish de la semana: Semana de la Informática

Computer Science Week takes place annually in the US during the first full week of December. The week aims to inspire K-12 students to study computer science, advocate for equity in access to such...

Yidn in Ale Lender: Shmues for Beginner 2 and Intermediate Students

The title of this 5-session series of Shmues comes from the classic College Yiddish study book. For many of us, it was the first text ever read in Yiddish. In the course, we will...