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Palabra Yiddish de la semana || Invierno

Winter officially starts in several days, on December 21. In the greater New York area there’s no sign yet of a real winter. No snow on the horizon, certainly no blizzards, and the weather...

Palabra Yiddish de la semana: Semana de la Informática

Computer Science Week takes place annually in the US during the first full week of December. The week aims to inspire K-12 students to study computer science, advocate for equity in access to such...

Yidn in Ale Lender: Shmues for Beginner 2 and Intermediate Students

The title of this 5-session series of Shmues comes from the classic College Yiddish study book. For many of us, it was the first text ever read in Yiddish. In the course, we will...

Palabra yiddish de la semana: Planeación financiera

The best time to speak with a financial advisor and make a plan for the future is when things are going well and you have work; later, when you retire or, God forbid, lose...

Palabras Yiddish de la semana: Semana de las Ciencias de la Tierra

צווישן דעם אָפּפֿלייץ און דעם צופֿלייץ שטופּט זיך יעדע כוואַליע אַלץ העכער און העכער; דערנאָך, ווען דער צופֿלייץ גייט אָפּ, גייט אויך דער‮ כּוח אָפּ מיט יעדער כוואַליע. די כוואַליעס זענען סײַ פּרעכטיק שיין, סײַ זיי היפּנאָטיזירן אַזש דעם צוקוקער. [TSVIShN DEM ÓPFLEYTS UN DEM TSÚFLEYTS ShTUPT ZIKh YÉDE KhVÁLYE ALTS HÉKhER UN HÉKhER; DERNÓKh, VEN DER TSÚFLEYTS GEYT OP, GEYT OYKh DER KÓYEKh OP MIT YÉDER KhVÁLYE. DI KhVÁLYES ZÉNEN SÁY PRÉKhTIK ShEYN SÁY ZEY HIPNOTIZÍRN AZh DEM TSÚKUKER.] Between low and high tide, each wave pushes higher and higher; when high tide recedes, the power in the waves also recedes with each wave. The waves are beautiful and practically hypnotize the onlooker.

Palabras de la semana: Vamos a jugar tenis

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is widely regarded as the most prestigious. Which players are you rooting for? ‮דער ווימבלדאָן־טשעמפּיאָנאַט‮ איז דער עלטסטער טעניס־טורנע אויף‮‮ דער וועלט און ווערט פֿאַררעכנט...

Palabras de la semana: Día mundial del donador de sangre

העלפֿט‮ ראַטעווען עמעצן ‮דאָס לעבן – גיט בלוט אויב איר‮ קענט נאָר, און וואָס‮ אָפֿטער! Help to save someone’s life – give blood if you possibly can, as often as you can! anemia: די אַנעמיע; די/דאָס בלוטאָרעמקײט antigen: דער אַנטיגען, ־⁠ען apheresis: דער אַפֿערעז blood bank: די...

Palabra de la Semana: Rescate Virtual

According to one cybersecurity firm, there are now more than seven ransomware attacks in the United States per hour. The increase in such malware attacks is partly due to the pandemic, when many people...

From Hassid to Hollywood

Get the inside scoop on the upcoming Yiddish horror film The Chosen One It's much easier to shave your beard than to shed who you are. Look out! Award-winning screenwriter and now filmmaker Elazar Fine and his lead...

Verter fun der Vokh – Surgery

וען מע‮ האָט זי אַרײַנגענומען אין שפּיטאָל‮ צוליב איר בויכווייטיק‮, האָט זי בכלל נישט געוווּסט אַז מע וועט‮ זי‮‮דאַרפֿן אָפּערירן, איז זי געוואָרן גאָר נערוועז. צום גליק, אָבער, האָבן דער כירורג און‮ די ‮‮שוועסטער־אַנעסטעטיקער‮...