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Students Ethan Wolf, Eva Wyner, and Ben Kanas

Dear young ladies and gentlemen.

It is not news that many Jews vote for the Democratic party regardless of the damage the party has done to the Jewish people here and in .
Presently, the only “nay” votes on in the congress are by Democrats.

I know that you all want your minute of fame and many are following their parents’, peers’ or possibly instructors’ and mentors’ desires to be Democrats, but please remember Democrat does not mean democratic.

Let’s go back to WWII a Democrat, Pres. Roosevelt allowed millions of Jews to be killed
1) by ignoring what was happening in the concentration camps in Europe and  2) by reducing the immigration quota, in fact, by not allowing the disembarkment of the ship, Saint Louis, which was already in American waters. I ask myself…..how was that possible?

Let’s go to Pres. Carter, possibly the second most anti-Semitic President following Roosevelt.

Carter did not create or help the peace between Egypt and at Camp David. It was done by real men like Sadat and Begin who made their own life decisions and made peace.  Carter only facilitated Camp David as a resort” to sign the agreement.

This Democrat Carter verified that the elections of the PLO as being truthful and democratic. Was he in his right mind or what? Since then, Carter has chastised the Jews and at every opportunity.

More recently is Pres. Obama  How do we forgive a person whose mentor was Rev. Wright, an anti-Semite to the core, and Obama denied he ever listened to him although he sat there during prayers for years.

Of course, let us not forget Obama’s total betrayal of in the UN and currently his interference with the US government.

As regards Biden, I am sorry to say, but some of his marbles are not there. He is partially incoherent or haven’t you noticed? He ought to remove himself as this is being self-serving and a danger to his country.  Imagine the prospect of Biden giving money back to the Westbankers and Gazans so that the terrorists can continue in their activities and without a doubt, he will go back to the Iranian deal. When groups like J Street endorse a candidate,  you know they are doing so to make sure they have an anti-Semite in the White House.

Reality is that Trump has been the first, maybe the second President, if you add Lyndon B Johnson who is fair to the State of Israel and the Jews, making sure that young people like yourselves are not persecuted by the BDS supporters.

In other words, you have a lot to learn and a lot to read. Then do the right Jewish thing and vote for who is the best and not because he is from a so-called Democratic party.

Let me encourage you to do your best in making sure Israel and Jews are well-protected from the likes of some “Democrats”.

Pablo Nankin, MD

Meet ‘Jews 4 Joe,’ The Jewish Student Movement Fighting to Get Biden Elected

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