The good news is that president Biden accepted the definition of antisemitism as proposed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

Many countries from Argentina to Australia have adopted said definition. This includes the Republic of N Macedonia, plus the addition of observer countries from Mulsim Albania and Turkey to Uruguay. There has been close cooperation with UNESCO., the EU et al with a total of 39 countries. There is also the University of Cambridge, Manchester, Buckingham. In addition, now added to the list is the University of California Santa Barbara, another of the inumerable US universities that have passed the resolution.

Then , what happens? The self hating Jew- haters appear. BDS decides to demand that Biden not accept the definition as they want to continue to boycott Israel, even more importantly they want as their chapter says to destroy Israel. Alongside them are the "the haters" from J Street, Ifnotnow and J Voice for Peace, making the same demands which are not for free speech as they are only targeting Israel. They seek to dictate what is best for a country in which they don't even live and instead help terrorists accomplish their faithful longing to destroy the Jewish State. These groups must be stopped! NO MORE MONEY to any of them, no more allowing them to run amok without legal consequences.

Anti Zionism can not be separated from antisemitism as it is well known that is a homeland for the Jewish people! It was created especially for any lawful Jew needing and seeking refuge from being attacked, provoked, or annihilated for the simple reason of their religious beliefs.

This is not to say that the State of can not be confronted in a lawful respectful way for their actions. Being a democratic nation, dissension exists there too. One thing is apparent, they have the right to defend themselves. In particular, if they are physically assaulted, must protect their people. has always been open to discussion in lieu of force.

Even when their own people gave up unwillingly but peacefully their own homes and livelihoods to the Gazans, peace could still not be achieved.

The “Palestinians” are so "bad off" that Rashida Tlaib’s mother llives in Ramallah and makes no attempt to depart. How can they like being controlled and empowered only by their terrorist ruler organizations? Little can be done to save them, other than by changing their own knowledge of reality and stop them from keeping inculcating hate. Knowledge will help removing their hate for Israel,

can not be held responsible for the non terrorist Palestinian’s misery as long as the Israeli is being brutally attacked and murdered by them.

That is what the anti Zionist or anti Semitic must understand. being a haven for the Jewish people is one of the reasons for its very existence. In particular, the so- called Jewish organizations must understand that the Jews throughout history have been a down- trodden minority in the world who since its creation can look to a homeland which has produced important useful innovations in medicine, agriculture, technology, etc and to which the world has had access.

America has been a great nation for many of us and yes we should be appreciative. However, this does not mean that we can not stand up for a nation which would protect both the USA and the individual law abiding Jew.

Pablo Nankin. MD


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