Ecuador Unrest President Rafael Correa Attacked In Unrest In Capital Quito Over Potential Cuts


    Duración: 1:13 Minutos Fecha: Sep 30, 2010

      Diario Judío México - has been left needing medical treatment after being injured in protests led by members of his security forces.
      Police angered at plans to limit their pay have burned tyres in the streets of Quito, while witnesses described seeing looting across the city.

      Scores of soldiers swarmed over the landing strip of the international airport in the capital to quell the trouble.

      All international flights have been cancelled after troops exerted a shutdown in confused and chaotic scenes.

      The was hurt as he took to the streets in an attempt to quell the trouble in the capital.

      Mr Correa has become a figure of hatred as he considers drastic action while battling members of his own party in a deadlocked Congress.

      The left-wing leader is believed to be planning to dissolve the legislature after his proposals aimed at slashing state costs were blocked.

      The move, which adheres to the updated constitution passed only two years ago, would allow him to rule by decree until new presidential and parliamentary elections can be held.

      Although unrest and political instability are common within the country, they are the first Correa has faced since taking power.

      Workers and school children in the city of Guayaquil were also sent home during the trouble, which the country’s foreign minster claimed was orchestrated by “ill-informed” police.

      Street protests toppled three presidents during economic turmoil in the decade before he assumed office.


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