La cultura judía y mexicana presente en SPEECHLESS!


    Duración: 0:42 Minutos Fecha: Mar 16, 2011

      Diario Judío México - Guadalajara el 16, 17 y 18 de marzo.
      Monterrey del 19 al 21 de marzo.

      “A creative genius! The full-house audience couldn’t stop laughing, clapping and cheering!” — Singapore Business Times
      “The performance is poetically evocative, engaging and brilliant!” — New York Times
      “The Prince of Mime! The successor of Marcel Marceau!” — El Espacio, Colombia
      “His timing is impeccable!” — The Guardian UK
      Hanoch Rosenn’s pantomime not only maintains a crystal clear quality but shows a surprisingly emotional depth. The mime is no longer on its own but a major element that is supported by a variety of cutting edge technology: videos, LED screens, 3-D animation, lighting, effects and rich music. A fascinating combination of perfection in performance and sophisticated use of technology.

      Rosenn is an artist who can express himself without uttering a single word. He describes and displays man’s constant confrontation with the world that surrounds him. Entering the 21st century, humans have been faced with great challenges. “Speechless” sets before us a mirror through which we can see ourselves in an original and amusing way.

      Sometimes tragic, sometimes comic but always surprising, “Speechless” deals with man’s hopes and dreams against reality which is often full of compromises. All of this is done with humour, genuine observation and without words! It’s the perfect show for international audiences, anywhere in the world!


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