Pablo Casals – Kol Nidrei (1923)


    Duración: 9:26 Minutos Fecha: Septiembre 18, 2009

      Diario Judío México - Pablo Casals Plays Max Bruch’s famous composition, , for Columbia in 1923. I also have Casals’ electric recording made for HMV in 1936, but since there are some flaws in that recording, I prefer this version.

      This is the only one original pressing of Acoustic Columbia record I have. I have some other acoustic Columbia recordings, but all of them is the repressings by Japan Columbia made in 1930s and 40s.

      Acoustic Columbia recordings usually are much noisy and dimmer than acoustic Victors. Same problems can be heard in this recording. But still, the performance itself is romantic enough to enjoy.

      Played on my Numark Machine with Audio-Technica catridge. Two sided. Played in 74 rpm.


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