Save Sderot Treatment Theater, Therapy Balancing Gaza Story


    Duración: 9:31 Minutos Fecha: Nov 2, 2009

      “Once the girls began to express their feelings of the fear and loneliness, they began to realize that they were not alone–there were others like them who were experienced the same trauma and panic induced by constant strain of living in a rocket environment.” -Debbie Gross, Jerusalem psychologist who worked with the Sderot theater girls. (Sderot performance, October 14, 2009)

      In order for Sderot Media Center to continue the operation of the Sderot Community Treatment Theater, the project is in need of immediate financial assistance to advance its therapy services for traumatized Sderot girls. We welcome you to view this short documentary of the year long drama-therapy process that has helped revitalize Sderot high school girls while providing a balance to the ongoing Gaza media coverage.

      Over the next six months, Sderot Media Center plans to have 12 performances in different cities and communities across Israel. In this project the Sderot Media Center’s goal is to promote the concept of providing residents with self-expressing media tools that work to treat the traumatized population, while using the product to advocate the Israeli prospective through the human story of Sderot.
      With the diverse audience members and plethora of media coverage, this theater project will impact public opinion not only on the Israel-Gaza conflict but also on how the world views the broader Arab-Israeli conflict.

      Visit to help save this theater therapy program.


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