Sderot- The bomb shelter capital of the world


    Duración: 2:55 Minutos Fecha: Agosto 2, 2010

      Diario Judío México - The government of has invested over half a billion shekels to construct 5,000 new bomb shelters in .

      By operating in for the past 4 years, under rocket fire escalations and supposed ‘ceasefires’, SMC’s plans for the future rely upon a clear understanding on the following:

      1. The “rocket reality” in and the Western Negev communities will continue unabated.

      2. is the only Arab territory in the Middle East now ruled by a recognized international terrorist regime and run from Iran by remote control.
      3. The residents of and the Western Negev residents under fire, especially the younger generation, will need decades of psychological help and rehabilitation to lead normal lives.


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