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Hoy Recomendamos: Yidl Mitn Fidl, a yiddish song, a yiddish film

Queremos que estos días aproveches tu tiempo y disfrutes, aprendas y te entretengas con las selecciones de contenido de Diariojudio.com y nuestros sitos asociados Cada día te haremos llegar diferentes recomendaciones. Si tú quieres ver algo...

El Hombre Feliz, Der Gliklejer Mentsh. Cuento animado en Yiddish para toda la familia

Multicultural Animated Project "Four Directions of Fairy Tales" (Cztery Strony Bajek) http://www.odrobinakultury.org.pl/ Sponsored by Embassy of United States in Warsaw An Animated Fairy Tale in Yiddish http://incompetech.com Kevin MacLeod - http://www.freesfx.co.uk

Guenzelaj / gansos

This is a movie I made for TMP 3. The song is called "Genzelakh" which means goslings in Yiddish. The song is sung by Paula Teitelbaum (my mother) from the CD "Di Grine Katshke"...

The Klezmatics & Chava Alberstein - DI GOLDENE PAVE

Track 14 from the album THE WELL / DI KRENITSE. Performed by The Klezmatics and Chava Alberstein. "Di goldene pave / The golden peacock" Poem: Anna Margolin. Music. Chava Alberstein. Arrangements: Klezmatics & Alicia Svigals. Main vocals: Chava Alberstein. Language: Yiddish. Iz...