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When love is transformed into art, it becomes the most sublime expression of human creation, combining not only the feelings and passion that is contained in ourselves, but also all the experience acquired throughout our lives. Which manifests itself in everything we do, being the form and extension of the divine essence that has created the Cosmos, externalizing the infinite Universe of possibilities that surround us to transform everything in our step. And where we must learn to exercise our free will and capacity of create to use our imagination.

In this way, we can learn that we are small particles of a whole much larger than our Being here in the world, drawing and blurring in harmony with the nature that surrounds us and to face to challenge everything we ever built. Therefore, when we create something, a part of the old is also destroyed for to build the new in the same way and thus initiate a beginning that can be wonderful. This affirmation Nietzschese already anticipated to say it through Zarathustra when he affirmed that “You must be prepared to burn in your own fire; [or] How could you be reborn without having turned to ashes?…

Due to the above, I want to present to Natalia Slyusar and her graphic and interior cyber design, a Ukrainian artist who shows us the subtlety of the forms contained in her creations in perfect dialogue with nature and, above all, combining different materials, textures and ideas. Which remind us that the energy that inhabits her work validates the following premise “Matter is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms” following Lavoisier and where we can also add “In a continuous coming and going like the dust of the stars that it is immersed inside and in turn outside of each one of them ”.

So, I to share with you that Natalia Slyusar was born in Belarus and grew up in Ukraine where she studied at Vitebsk State Technological University and IT Step Academy of Odessa in Ukraine, being also a professor in the Design Chair combining both her knowledge as an interior decorator along with cyber graphic design beyond the borders of her country. Natalia won the 2018 Ukraine Microsoft Imagination Cup for IT Students in VR-3D nomination

She is currently based in Ireland with her two children, where I have had the pleasure of meeting her and admiring her work, human quality and sensitivity as an artist and person in the dramatic moments in the dramatic moments that are lived in Ukraine. 

So today I am taking your minds, souls and hearts on a beautiful journey through her creations that combine the professionalism of a skilful style and good taste, as well as the neat rigor in the forms of her designs that I am sure you will fall in love. Making them appreciate the art hidden in every corner of their senses where only she can conceive that an idea can be transformed into matter and this in turn become energy that illuminates and gives life to any space or environment, above human borders and beyond space-weather.

Many success in her future work and new projects that will surely enchant and they will fall in love to the admirers of good art and love of design admirers around the world and in a Ukraine with peace where she can return soon…

(Special for the Diario Judí of Mexico).

Ireland, Waterford, October, 2022.

Acerca de Marisol Chevez Hidalgo

Licenciada en Filosofía de la Universidad de Costa Rica, UCR, especializada en identidad nacional costarricense; ética; y comunicación social, Máster en ética y democracia por la Universidad de Valencia. En la actualidad investiga sobre los judíos sefardíes en Costa RIca. Además tiene estudios en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Costa Rica y trabaja como consejera en razonamiento jurídico en una firma de abogados. Publica artículos en El Semanario Universidad, de la Universidad de Costa RIca, en, revista argentina en internet sobre cultura sefardita y ha publicado en el diario La Nación de Costa RIca. Es Poeta. Publicó poemas en la Revista Tópicos del Humanismo de la Universidad Nacional, UNA, en el Semanario Universidad de la UCR y en el diario La Nación. Forma parte de la Junta Directiva de la Ong Instituto para el Desarrollo, la Democracia y la Ética, IDDE.

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