Judith Jones, editor who discovered Anne Frank’s diary, dies At 93

por Talya Zax -
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Talya Zax / Diario Judío México – Judith Jones, the renowned cookbook editor who, early in her career, led the charge for “The Diary of Anne Frank” to be published in English, died yesterday at age 93.

Jones, born as Judith Bailey, came upon Frank’s manuscript in a pile of rejected submissions while working as an office assistant at Doubleday in Paris in 1950. Then 27 years old, Jones pulled Frank’s book out of the pile, intrigued by the photograph of Frank on its cover. As The Washington Post reported, recalling her first look at the book, Jones said “I read it all day. When my boss returned, I told him, ‘We have to publish this book.’ He said, ‘What? That book by that kid?’ ”

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