"Little Russsian brainless, we'll kill you and your daughters. Jewish son of a thousand whores, do not you realize you changed your hand? "The brutal threat received by Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor in the case by the AMIA bombing, caused shivers employees Court No. 9 headed Luis Rodriguez, where the complaint was filed. Not only by the text, but some pictures attached style Mexican narco cartels not worth describing to not be functional to the cowards who only seek to intimidate those who seek truth, justice and condemnation. One of the most highly trained employees in complex cases highlighted some flashy things Nisman email address received in the world knows that half Yahoo!:

1) In the paragraph where you are told to give up research, we suggest you look for work abroad because "your friends the Americans are going to help." The orthodox imperialist language of our country identified the Americans as "yankys". The concept of "gringos" is mostly used in countries of the Caribbean region, such as Venezuela and Cuba.
2) The text disgusting, full of anti-Semitic repertoire, he signed with Iran and Hezbollah alive. The terrorist group's name is written in the original language and phonetics to castellanizarlo put an "a" instead of the letter "o" to designate which literally means the party of Allah or God. Says "Hizbullah" and "Hezbollah", as in the spelling of English.
3) When the threat is directed at the prosecutor's daughters, say the house, the club, and mentioned something very secretive, which shows that they have a level of important information: make a reference to the change of address are to be specified these days. Worth mentioning that the daughters live with their mother, the former wife of the prosecutor, Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, in a very traditional country but, for reasons of study, indeed, decided to change of address. Both the prosecutor and the judge have special custody of the Federal Police.
4) Almost like typing a story, PROFILE was observed in an office of a community leader ends the mail proclaiming "Death to Zionism ursupador (sic)" instead of usurper.

Logic 6, 7, 8 of accusing and pointing fingers, and photo if possible, to journalists or media disclose any information desired by officials, friends and favoring the government. If those guys then suffer some inconvenience, escraches, boos or citations of Justice immediately blame the press for having provoked the action. Thus, because of the cowardly attack suffered News Kicillof was whistling and that ate Boudou's fault Clarin and La Nacion.

If you follow this perverse mechanism that encourages self-censorship, one could say, then, that was Horacio Verbitsky which the occurrence prompted the prosecutor Nisman threats.

Luckily for all, that is not true and there, from the side of professional journalism, no one with his head so fanatical as to attribute every fact to a conspiracy of ideological enemy.

Last Sunday, in his usual Página/12 column, which is usually a deposit of government thinking, mixturado texts parties straight out of intelligence, he published: "Neither Israel nor the United States nor the prosecutor Nisman promote the agreement, even though the prosecutor says in public that will accompany the new stage. After several trips to Israel and the United States and several years of working together with officials from the Ministry of Intelligence interested in cooperation with those countries on intelligence and security, has become very sensitive to international plot ".

In another passage of his writing, Verbitsky said that "the attack was part of a war that pound but that was the victim" and perpetrates a sui generis version of the theory of the two demons when placed at the same level of ethics to Israel and Iran, because it suggests that "being in between two governments with strong religious fundamentalists is a calamity for any democratic state."

An argument so forced that transorma in Chicano. Iran is a theocratic state explicitly directed by a supreme religious leader who leads a political government but subject to clerics. It takes a lot of intentionality to match that with the Israeli system.

In the general elections of 15 days, the Jewish religious parties Shas and United Torah Judaism obtained a total of 18 seats and the Jewish home, an ultranationalist and religious pro, had 11. This means that of the total seats in the Knesset (Parliament), these ideas represent 25 of the 120 that exist, just one more than 20%.

The premise is more serious than the militancy of a journalist because it is confirmation of the turn Cristina Chavez government. And it reminds strategic brotherhood with Montoneros were in the 70s. It was in southern Lebanon, now occupied by Hezbollah, which hosted the famous photo of Yasser Arafat with Mario Firmenich, Fernando Vaca Narvaja, now Minister of Black River.

Several squads, one led by Rodolfo Galimberti, did his training in that place foquista and training in planting explosives.

Is there a clear decision to integrate Cristina Founding Line Bolivarian bloc, if the cancer finally defeats Hugo Chavez, offer herself to continue the leadership? Rafael Correa and Evo Morales presiding two countries too small to register on the site of the locomotive. Fidel and Raul are very eroded Jurassic and shielded his thought.

Dilma Rousseff avoids this possibility: is a mature statesman who wants to play in the major leagues in the world to benefit from more social justice to most of its people.
Cristina, papisa frustrated proudly occupy the headquarters of the group of countries with a strong strategic and ideological alliance with a head of state like Ahmadinejad, who denies the Holocaust and promotes the disappearance of the State of Israel.
This is the big news from the political point of view in Argentina.

Juggling and newsprint Hector Timerman has to do to explain the inexplicable and not endure the challenges of Cristina are unusual. Is that the government never thought, almost completely, the most representative of the Jewish community, and even non-Jews would reject as closed as the Covenant in Ethiopia.

As said Senator José Cano tucumano or Luis D'Elia as chancellor would have done better than Timerman. The piquetero facto spokesperson of Iran, always has a word of praise for the defendants produced the worst terrorist attack in 's history.

When hugged Moshen Rabbani in Qom, the holy city located 156 kilometers from Tehran, and as cristinismo still had not changed his mind about the attack, suffered the media ninguneo K.

At that time his anger unleashed Szpolski Sergio, whom he accused of being a "Zionist Mossad Colonel" which receives millions of government to make communication Kirchner ". It was sadly anthology that holy war for Twitter.
D'Elia said he would querellar the employer, who accused him of "being a thief" receive "checks of Iran" to defend the regime triply esdrújulo by "misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic".

Speaking of Rabbani, one must anticipate that the greatest political impact it will produce the Prosecutor Alberto Nisman threatened with a new report that will be released within the next quarter.

This is a report of 600 folios, that after two years of work found new evidence that strengthens the accusation against Iran in general and former diplomat Moshen Rabbani in particular.

Even one of his disciples appears linked to the attack at the airport John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This flatly contradicts the President and the Chancellor, who say that the cause is stagnant.

And made even more cruel the swerve that stuck.
The one that is frozen is the investigation of the Supreme Court, which only embarrassed dust seal in the drawers. Hard to believe that Judge Eugenio Zaffaroni be allowed to review this item without cracking even the slightest criticism.

If Cristina and Timerman leave the swamp in which they got, the new presentation will finish Nisman bare his folly and will fail, perhaps forever, the relationship between the government and most of the Jewish community agencies.