Diario Judío México - The Duke of Sussex has been hearing from international experts on ways to help people in the military suffering from mental health problems.

Prince Harry spoke to guests about how he could relate to the experiences of veterans after listening to speakers at a mental health conference for ex-servicemen in London.

The Duke, who served two tours of Afghanistan, discussed issues including the long-term effects of military service with several speakers, praising their work and talking of the effects which service can have.

Prince Harry meets guests at Veterans Mental Health Conference
Prince Harry said he could relate to the experiences of veterans after listening to speakers.

Harry regularly campaigns on mental health issues through his work with the Royal Foundation’s ‘Heads Together’ project, which aims to promote a national conversation on the topic.

He has also worked with the Ministry of Defence to help improve mental health support and training in the armed forces.

Last year, Harry gave the keynote address at the mental health conference, telling delegates that during his military service he had witnessed the suffering of those “struggling to seek out the help they desperately need”.

Prince Harry at the Veterans Mental Health Conference in London
Prince Harry regularly campaigns on mental health issues.

The Duke of Sussex shared his thoughts with Tel Aviv University Professor Zahava Solomon who gave a speech based on her time in the Defence Force.

She said: “He’s really concerned and very interested in the inter-generational effects on the families of soldiers

“He said he could relate to those phenomenal challenges based on his own experience.”

Neil Greenberg, an academic psychiatrist based at Kings College London who attended the conference, said: “In terms of giving credibility to this difficult topic, not only has he spoke on his own personal journey but also he has promoted the ‘it’s OK, not to be OK’ message.”

A speaker addresses guests at the Veterans Mental Health Conference in London
Speakers at the conference discussed issues including the long-term effects of military service.

The conference was held in London’s King’s Centre for Military Health Research which has helped to shape government policy towards military personnel with research into war and health; war and psychiatry; personnel issues and social policy.


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