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The University of Columbia and Oberlin College already have the “dis-honor” of being one of the top antisemitic “higher education” institutions in the United States. Now, they are adding a request for the university to divest from in their attempt to “hurt” . However, these “students” will not divest from the milk and honey offered by . The all women school Barnard affiliated to Columbia already has the “privilege” of having divested from , but continues to retain Intel prducts, etc.

All libraries of higher education will have the information of what has invented, produces and how it helps other countries from Africa to Latin America and so forth. However, it seems that NYU, Columbia, Barnard or Oberlin would not have such a library.
Don’t be fooled, these anti-Semitic desires will have zero impact on the Israeli economy nor will they shake their mental creativity and power. All that this does unfortunately is activate hatred and cause disruption . This should not be allowed neither at the university level nor by law.

Freedom of speech is a two-way street…..if I can talk, then so can you, but that is NOT what these people do! They perpetuate hatred and intimidate others and they do it because they are anti-Semites.

Perhaps these future “men” will find it interesting to learn that the Arab countries now want peace and relations with . Why? It is bcause they realize that is a superb, innovative, productive, and brilliant country.

The schools’ adored people in Gaza and the West Bank waste their time figuring out how many more rockets or suicide bombers can be implemented against . Imagine humans killing themselves or devising new ways to kill innocent people, or worse yet , honoring psychopaths for killing innocent civilians whilst their families enjoy getting paid for this. The cavemen didn’t behave so viciously. See above Oberlin’s mural depicting terrorists. They may have killed as a means to survive, not simply for the sake of cruelty or as a means of gaining what does not belong to them.

Meanwhile, the UN is changing position and is adopting the Israeli resolution on agricultural technology while the Arab leagues ABSTAIN ….can you imagine?

The soccer superstar Lionel Messi was just in .

In Britain, UCL adopted the working definition of Anti Semitism which would include removal of the anti-Semitic Columbia University, if it were part of the UCL.

In SOUTH AFRICA, where much of the BDS idiocy started , an overwhelming majority in the Senate of the University of Cape Town (UCT) has rejected a long-standing proposal to endorse an academic boycott of the State of Israel.

The Dutch people have stopped funding the PA for stealing money to pay terrorists for not having a democracy and for inculcating hate in their children’s learning.

Austria stops funding for BDS groups.

Saudi Arabian journalist declares love for the State of Israel and its citizens.

We must make sure that the ADL stops ignoring anti Semitism. Groupies, such as Jewish Voice for Peace or Code Pink are the worst enemies of the college’s Jewish or pro-Israel students.

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