Diario Judío México - TUESDAY, MAY 7 | 3:00PM
Reimagining the History of the Kovno Ghetto

For decades, scholarship on the Holocaust in Kovno has been dominated by the writings of ghetto elites, relegating the testimonies of Jews who did not occupy positions of authority during the war to the margins. This talk by Simon Goldberg will highlight Yiddish and Hebrew accounts of the Kovno ghetto whose evidentiary value has been minimized or ignored.  

The Abram and Fannie Gottlieb Immerman and Abraham Nathan and Bertha Daskal Weinstein Memorial Fellowship in Eastern European Jewish Studies, the Abraham and Rachela Melezin Memorial Fellowship and the Maria Salit-Gitelson Tell Memorial Fellowship

Leaving Mother Russia:
Practical Organization of Jewish Emigration
from the Tsarist Empire, 1881-1914

Between 1881 and 1914, about two million Jews left the Tsarist Empire and departed westwards, primarily for the United States. What were the logistics of this often difficult process? This presentation by Anastasiia Strakhova will highlight the complex decision-making and border-crossing processes that individual Jews went through on their journeys to America.

The Professor Bernard Choseed Memorial Fellowship and the Natalie and Mendel Racolin Memorial Fellowship