Day after day, week after week, year after year, the supposed United Nations have repeatedly passed discriminatory judgment on the State of Israel, no matter the situation or issue.

Despite all the positive advancements and inventions Israel has brought to the world, such as in Medicine, Culture, Technology, and Science, as well as the valuable assistance they have provided to other nations, the UN continues to admonish Israel. Just recently, this small nation has provided emergency assistance to put out fires in Cyprus, previously in Haiti, helping Africa with their water problems with new methods (drip system) so they can utilize an excellent and cheap mechanism for their water supply.

The UN function seems to be to chastise Israel by ignoring all the trauma Israel’s neighbors exercise on Israel; the amount of suffering inflicted, the number of surprise attacks and killing plus terrorism caused by the UN Lovers, the so-called “Palestinians.” Their level of production and help to society are equal to ZERO.

Why they don’t have to produce? The answer is simple, the UN and similar agencies make sure they get billions of $ in AID so that they can do it, not even provide for their own, unless they are terrorist then them or their families get paid.

It appears that this week something is changing. Gaza Strip residents are demonstrating against Hamas. It’s about time considering their beautiful location with great beaches can attract and start a whole new industry of tourism. Sadly, this has been undermined by savages.

Hezbollah is tempting Israel by throwing bombs at Israel utilizing “sleeping sites” across the border. What will happen? Israel will retaliate, and the useless and antisemitic UN will again chastise Israel because it is defending itself against these horrific incursions.

The UN and its cronies go as far as claiming that the so-called Palestinians lived in Israel before the Jews.

The UN has been advised that its functions are useless. Why would any country pay dues to this antisemitic and anti-civilized, anti-democratic organization?

Pablo Nankin, MD

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Born on September 4, 1944 and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. Private Practice begun in Vascular Surgery in 1972. In 1994, as of March 1, 2004 I retired from my practice. My office location remains at: 1125 South Beverly Drive, Suite 611, Los Angeles, CA 90035. September 20-23, 2000 and September 17-18, 1998: Private tutorial sessions on Sclerotherapy with Doctor Frederic Vin, Chief of the Department of Angiology at Hospital Notre Dame de Bon Secours in Paris, France as well as at his private offices in Paris. Emphasis being on the long saphenous veins at the saphenous/femoral junction and on the short saphenous vein at the popliteal/saphenous junction. September 16,1998: Training in Phlebectomy at the Clinique Mursat in Paris, France under the tutelage of Doctor Jean-Francois Uhl, Associate Professor of Surgery at Ancien Interne des Hopitaux de Paris in Paris, France, November 7-9, 1997: Attended the 11th Annual Congress of the North American Society of Phlebology in Palm Springs, California. November 10-11, 1996; January 14,15, 1997; February 19,1997; April 1-2, 1997: Preceptorship dedicated to the treatment of veins with John J. Bergan, M.D., Professor of Surgery Loma Linda University Medical Center in La Jolla, California. September 22, 24-26,1997: Personal tutorial on Sclerotherapy with Doctor Frederic Vin, Chief of the Department of Angiology at Hospital Notre Dame de Bon Secours Paris, France as well as at his private offices in Paris, France. Emphasis on the long saphenous veins at the saphenous / femoral junction and the short saphenous vein at the popliteal/saphenous junction. February 20,1997: Personal tutorial on Sclerotherapy and Varicose Vein problems with Helaine S. Fronek, M.D. Instructor in Medicine, University of California, San Diego and Director, Varicose Vein Clinic. March 4 & 28, April 4 & 14, 1997: Personal tutorial on Sclerotherapy and Varicose Vein problems with David Duffy, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) in Torrance, CA September 23,1997: Notre Dame de Bon Secours Hospital, Paris, France: Insertion of “V” clip into the saphenous/femoral junction for valvular insufficiency with Doctor Jean-Francois Van Cleef. Television Appearances: January 21, 1999: Channel 52 KVEA, Telemundo Topic: Sclerotherapy and Varicose Vein Surgery January 1985: Channel 34 KMEX, Univision Topic: Varicose Veins July 1985: Channel 34 KMEX, Univision Topic: Varicose Veins


  1. What an absurd and offensive commentary. The U.N. is dismissed as an “antisemitic and anti-civilized, anti-democratic organization”. Of course, that’s only because of Israel. There is, indeed, a long list of wonderful accomplishments that have come from that country and it’s contributions to emergencies in other places have been recognized. However, that does not justify their treatment of the Palestinians, who this so-called doctor insults by implying that they didn’t exist before Israel was created (and still don’t). It’s time for ultra-Zionists to let go of this kind of rhetoric. It’s a disgrace to the Jewish people.


    • There are Jews that in my opinion are Antisemite including groups like J Street.
      They require as you do that Israel cease to exists so that they can have the land from the river to sea.

    • I agree with David Skulski only in so far that the UN has done much good in the world, but they are not educated on all the factual history of Israel and its indigenous people. In the beginning there were nomadic tribes who believed in many gods, just like tribes around the world did. They fought & intermarried. The concept of 1 God came from the Hebrew Tribes & Judea was formed. Many of their ancestors had also intermarried with other tribes and many adopted Judaism. The Romans invaded as did the Greeks & destroyed Hebrew temples. Romans renamed the area using the Greek terminology Palestinia-Syria. All Jews were seen as Palestinians. After Muhammad died his descendants (Caliphs) invaded other countries for wealth & to spread Islam. During the 630s Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq were conquered.North Africa followed. Jews were taxed & others killed if they didn’t convert to Islam. Through military campaigns Abd Al-Malik succeeded in reestablishing authority of the Umayyad capital of Damascus & built the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem at this time on top of what was the Jewish temple! In 1096 First Crusade to the Holy Land led by Pope Urban II promised the knights of Europe forgiveness of their sins if they win back Jerusalem from Islamic rule by Caliphs & they spread unfounded accusations against Jews like ritual murder and host of others. Jews were forced to leave their homeland and immigrated wherever they could live in a bit of peace but antisemitism made life difficult. In 1517 Selim I, brought Syria, Arabia, Palestine, and Egypt under Ottoman control. This Islamic-run superpower ruled large areas of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa for more than 600 years – denying Jews access to their most sacred land & persecuting many. Turks and other Muslims moved to what became known as Palestine & evicted Jews from their homes. Then, in the late 1800s a wave of nationalism grew in all the Ottoman occupied territories-including Arabs, Bosnians, Albanians, Greeks & Macedonians, & Jews! With the help of the British and French the Ottomans were defeated and all these peoples were promised their land returned.
      — In November 1947 the United Nations (UN) voted to partition the British mandate of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state (see United Nations Resolution 181).
      — On the eve of May 15, 1948, the British withdrew & Israel declared independence.
      The next day, Arab forces from Egypt, Transjordan (Jordan), Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon occupied the areas in southern and eastern Palestine not apportioned to the Jews by the UN partition and then captured East Jerusalem, including the small Jewish quarter of the Old City.
      The Israelis, meanwhile, won control of the main road to Jerusalem through the Yehuda Mountains (“Hills of Judaea”) and successfully repulsed repeated Arab attacks.
      – had they not done so, the Muslims would have annihilated the Jews just as the Palestinian Grand Mufti had offered to help Hitler do.
      — this is all in Encyclopedia Brittanica, renowned for factual & academic accuracy.
      — It’s unfortunate that the non-Jewish Muslims have lost the land that their ancestors stole from the Jews – and they know what it was like for the Jews.
      — see the Koran: CHAPTER 5 Verse 20 onwards which says that the land known as Israel was granted by God to the Jewish people.
      Muslims are ordered to obey the laws of the countries they live in because it is dictated in the Koran that they must.
      They follow what is God’s law not what is man’s law because they will be evaluated on the day of the judgment by whether they followed the Koran’s laws. So, why don’t the Palestinians follow their Koranic law?
      They have so much land available to them in othe Muslim countries where their ancestors originated Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and more.
      – Jews will never give up this little piece of land known as Israel. They suffered under oppressive rule for too many centuries to do so and as the indigenous people, they have their homeland back in thanks to the United Nations!!

  2. Excellent letter; Do send it to the Secretary General of the UN, the America Ambassador to the UN and any elected officials that already know the UN is worthless, and needs to be shuttered or reorganized. The SG can close the UN Human Rights Council. It happened before but the new iteration is worse than the last.

  3. Pablito, no se te olvide de que tienes parientes en San Diego. Yo soy Beni Dychter y Mi Padre y Tu Padre eran Primos. Una de mis hijas Liza es de las más reconocidas a nivel MUNDIAL en el área de CANXER DE LA LARINGE Y EL ESOFAGO. OJALA Y SE PUDIERAN VER. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

    • Hola Ben me acuerdo perfecto de todos ustedes incluyendo a tus papis. No he estado en San Diego en años
      Donde vive tu hija?
      Cómo está Ponchi? Y familia?
      Besos a todos

  4. I happen to think that behind all of this there is a chain of well oiled corruption. Back in the years when I was living in Jerusalem knew how to buy sugar, flour, milk all from the US to the very needy palestinians who made good money selling this, as you stated how many billion have gotten there and very little infrastructure, certainly no aggressive tourism industry, Yaser Arafat widow still lives in a castle in France and the rest of this cadre are very well padded.The same with Ukraine and Afghanistan.It is but a matter of historical fact that Palestine was a creation of the British argument.
    So yes the palesstinian people were created then. Like the jews they did not have a label untill the creation of the state.

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