Doctors Without Borders, except when it comes to Israel

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Drs. without borders
How many Jewish lives are you saving or willing to save?
All I read from your antisemitic propaganda is about the poor people of Palestine that they are suffering. Did you notice Hamas and the surrounding groups rejoice euphorically when they tortured and murdered Israeli adults and children and massacred over 1400 Jewish or not?  Are you not yet aware that the Hamas terrorists were storing rockets, guns, grenades, telecommunication instruments, etc. within their hospital? You exhibit so much love and respect for the institution with their patients and hospital staff even when serving as human shields.
I hope your response will say that yes, we knew about tunnels and human shields but couldn’t care as it was our responsibility to heal Palestinians and not to protect Jews.  You should have thought that by informing them you could have saved lives. Instead, lack of following through led to many deaths. ……..shameful!
Your antisemitism has been forever, you create confusion by your title of “without borders”. Of course, in Israel or other places like Haiti or Japan where Israeli emergency medical core were there, but you were not to be found
The same goes for your nurses, one that was just interviewed by CNN Mr. Cooper whereby she spoke ill of Israel while she well knew that Jewish soldiers were being exposed to being killed to save lives in the hospitals instead of just bombing the area without consideration for civilians.

This is not at all what Hamas has done upon their horrid attacks on Israel.
I will do my best to have your donations eliminated.
Pablo Nankin, MD

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