Diario Judío México - She walked into the room with a video camera and two assistants who immediately started setting-up to record our panel. It was our first meeting in person, and I was impressed by her confidence and energy. I knew from her bio that she is used to speaking at large conferences, and wondered if this particular talk would prove too small of a group for her. She proved me wrong. Friendly, kind and full of suggestions, the 40+ crowd was totally engaged in our conversation and we had a productive session. Since that day a few weeks ago, Becky and I have become fast friends. She is a Latina mom who is proud of her heritage and is always finding ways to promote culture and languages.

Becky has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Business and Counseling and is an expert in self-help motivational speaker, and coach as well as an award-winning author.

MB: Where were you born and raised?

BK: I was born in Mexico City and raised there. Even though I was born in Mexico my family came from Russia and Poland.

MB: Were you raised with two languages?

BK: As a matter of fact I was raised with 4 languages, Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew and English.

MB: When did you come to the United States?

KB: I came to the US right after I got married in 1988.

MB: Your children are young adults. Did you raise them with two cultures and two languages?

BK: I have three “boys” young adults really, we raised them with the two cultures, Mexican and American, and we also spoke Hebrew and celebrate the Jewish culture as well.

MB: The name of your award winning book is Mujer Actual, Mujer Valor (Contemporary Woman and Woman of value), what is your message?

BK: I think the basic message I try to convey with this book is that every woman is valuable, important and she has a beautiful mission in this world. I underline that the woman is an important healer and when she accepts her unique challenge and the full responsibility of her energy, we will have stronger families and better human beings in the world.

MB: What is the one thing woman can do to live a healthy emotional life?

BK: Accept her role and develop strong values. She must remember that in addition to her greatness and her power, she can be a vulnerable, fragile person that needs love and support from the people around her. She should acknowledge fairness, work, and sacrifice, which are ingredients she uses to nourish her family. She should enjoy the privilege of being a woman, a mother, wife, a friend, and a professional and know that although life isn’t always easy, she is ready to overcome adversity.

MB: You have a background in the fields of education, human development and counseling. When did you decide to become a book author?

BK: Funny, I never intended to become an author; I became an author after I was invited to Mexico City to open the largest conference for woman, 10,000 ladies in the biggest civic center there. I was requested to bring my published book… so my first book was written and published.

MB: Tell us about the series of books “Recipes for Life.” Do they all have a different theme?

BK: Each book has one theme and a matching color depending on the themes energy. So far, I have self-published two books on this dream series: the orange how to deal with difficult people, and the pink, for contemporary women, women of strength. Ready to print is the green book with the title Secrets of Success and Happiness. Then the red book, “The Crisis: How to Live and Heal Your Soul Even with Cancer.” I have one on love, marriages and relationships that is purple, and some other fun ideas for the rest of the books. All books are designed in the same format; simple and colorful.

MB: You speak at many women’s conferences in California and Mexico. Is the topic usually about the mental and emotional health of women?

BK: I love to inspire and talk about values, life’s adversities, setting goals, success, healing and love. I believe that every audience is different and deserves a special research and story.

MB: How can parents apply your Recipes for Life theme when raising children? Does the same apply to Hispanic/Latino parents?

BK: Recipes for Life includes a large variety of basic ideas and concepts that are helpful especially for Hispanic Latino parents and families because our culture really values the family and the roots of love, happiness, honesty integrity etc.… I founded this project 15 years ago and since the day I started the journey I have written one recipe every week rain or shine. That means I have over 500 real stories, issues and, of course recipes for life too.


MB: Your favorite bilingual activity to do with your kids?

BK: I really like to speak in Spanish in my home and share my Mexican heritage with my children. We have always enjoyed going to the market and buying real Mexican food, and then inviting friends over to share our authentic food and lifestyle.

MB: Your favorite bicultural activity with your children?

BK: I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner but adding the Mexican flavors, so in our menu you can have turkey with chipotle sauce, beans, red rice and nopales cactus salad.

MB: Basic ingredients to live a happy and healthy life?

BK: 1 cup of daintiness and sensitivity- demonstrates understanding and gentleness to succeed.

1 cup of gratitude- acknowledge all the blessings around and the beauty of life.

2 bunches of integrity- establishes that one’s actions are determined by clear and serious values.

1 piece of humility- recognizes that we can’t do everything alone and welcomes help and support.

1 cup of decision- has determination, discipline and worth to fulfill ones wishes.

1 tablespoon of trust- shows unconditional acceptance.

1 pinch of kindness- awareness of the compassion and love for others.

2 tps. of happiness- joy and true satisfaction for all we do.


To find more, click here:

www.recetasparalavida.com and in English www.bestrecipesforlife.com

Becky Krinsky, a Latina-mompreneur who nourishes our soul!

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