In my opinion, North Carolina is slated toward being anti-Jewish/. That is what I notice, ever since Durham decided that their police officers would not train with the Israeli anti terrorism force , which according to multiple other forces that have done so and have  gained most valuable experience. Durham has the distinction to be the first city in the USA to turn away from this valuable training.  The Council was directed to do so by probably the sickest anti Semitic group of Jews (Jewish Voice for Peace) who worked hard with an uneducated group of councilmembers in Durham and convinced them of the lies about a much needed training project.
On January 24 2019 North Carolina University Asheville made an incredibly horrible stance by having Tamika Mallory as speaker  during Martin Luther King week, he was a great friend of the Jewish people. She was to speak about the Women’s’ March while she and her followers have  been spitting out anti-Semitic remarks, which, in fact, has caused other women to disassociate from the ” March” and to demand the resignation of Mallory and Sarsour. In addition, there were multiple letters against  her speech, prior to it, even from The Simon Wiesenthal Center, Hillel, ZOA,  etc  to the Chancellor,  Board of Trustees. They all were aware of the dissension and no one cared.
However, “smartly” , as Durham did they picked a “Jewish” group to give the blessing at this conference. That group was the NC Jews for Justice, a very leftist group of Jews who feel  “blessed” to have a man on their committee named Goldberg who is related to the false prophet Zevati Zvi. Goldberg tells that he shook Tamika’s hand and knew then that she was a good person. Wow !
North CA University at Chapter Hill plans to Invite Sarsour to speak.  What could she possibly know but…anti- Semitism ?
I really wonder what is the position of the governor and members of the cabinet regarding the “changes” happening in their state.
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