Setting the Record Straight: Part XV: Admiration and Glorification of Arab Terrorists

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Palestinian Arab terrorists killed in action are accorded well publicized and elaborate funeral processions, where their pictures are prominently displayed. Dozens of young men and women are commonly seen vowing to become suicide bombers. Some of this is merely theatrics yet dying to free “Palestine” has become a badge of honor. [1]

Arab mothers of the “martyred” children are honored in the media for their willingness to sacrifice their sons. On November 3, 2022, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas – Gaza) broadcast simultaneous events exalting these women. Amina Zahran, the mother of slain Hamas terrorists Ahmad Zahran and Zahran Zahran said at one of the events: “We do not fear death… We want martyrdom.” The mother of terrorist Khaled Jawabra, said that she has 17 children and 65 grandchildren, and that she would gladly and enthusiastically sacrifice them for the sake of Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. “Our homeland and our holy places are dearer to us than our children,” she declared. Another speaker disclosed that the “families of the ‘martyrs’ laugh and smile at their funerals because of the rewards the martyrs receive from Allah.” [2]

In June 2023, 15-year-old Sadil Ghassan Naghnaghiya Turkeman –a female Palestinian Arab terrorist and member of the Islamic Jihad– was killed during an Israeli counter-terror operation in Jenin. Naghnaghiya’s Facebook profile picture showed her holding an M16 assault rifle, and one of her posts read: “We do not love Martyrdom-death.”

Two days after Naghnaghiya was killed a posted text on Telegram channel read: “Jana Bilal Naghnaghiya, 8, speaks about her good friend and cousin Sadil [Naghnaghiya]: “Sadil was very beloved by the people, very very much, by the children and adults … congratulations on the Martyrdom, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. I want to tell you congratulations with my whole heart, 1,000 times congratulations …Today I was happy for her, I was very very happy. Congratulations on the Martyrdom.”  [3]

Involvement of Palestinian Arab teens in acts of terrorism against Israel is not a new phenomenon. Palestinian Arab terror organizations have been training children as early from the 1970s. This was also observed in the First Lebanon War in 1982, when IDF soldiers confronted Palestinian Arab youth sent by the Palestine Liberation Organization to shoot rocket-propelled grenade rockets (RPG) at them. Later, they became known as the “RPG children.” Arab teens continued as combatants in the Second Intifada in 2004 and during the “knife intifada” in 2015. [4]

In February 2023, there has been a resurgence of shooting attacks in eastern Jerusalem by young Palestinian Arabs, who are called in Arabic Ashbal al-Quds (boys of Jerusalem). They have become the “new heroes” in the war against Israel, whom they view as the enemy that must be crushed through acts of terror sand jihad. They have been incited by the Palestinian Authority on social networks, particularly on Tik Tok and Instagram and at school and home. [5]

Incitement at Summer Camps

For more than a decade, Islamic Jihad and Hamas have been conducting summer camps for thousands of schoolchildren throughout the Gaza Strip. Camps have served as vehicle to promote jihad, terrorism and armed struggle with the goal of “liberating Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea.” Campers receive military training: practicing with knives and weapons, including the AK-47, sniper rifles, RPG launchers, mortars and machine guns, instruction on hand-to-hand combat, firing rockets and kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Some lessons occur at Hamas military bases. At one camp, a boy gave a demonstration of tunnel warfare.

Children are recruited and enrolled for summer camps through Hamas and PIJ websites and social media, and at booths staffed by members of the two groups inside mosques and at other public locations throughout the Gaza Strip. Senior officials of Hamas and PIJ attend ceremonies at the start of camp and at and graduation ceremonies, where they speak to the campers.

Khaled Abu Askar, the head of Hamas’s Higher Committee for Summer Camps, declares that Hamas is very concerned about the young generation, and is eager to invest in their future. Young Palestinian Arabs, he said, are being systematically targeted to erode their belief system, conduct, values, moral behavior and patriotism. Who is responsible for this attempt to lead them astray? There is no question, Israel.

On July 8, the 2023 camp season began with 10,000 young boys and girls in attendance. The slogan for this summer is Shield of Jerusalem, signaling the children will be exploited in the fight against the Jewish state. They are being taught the art of initiating terror attacks and serving as human shields as part of the campaign to “liberate” Jerusalem. [6]

Relentless Glorification

Palestine Authority’s (PA) relentless glorification of terrorists reinforces the culture of hatred against Jews. When squares, youth centers, schools, sports stadiums in Palestinian Arab towns and cities are named after terrorist murderers elevates their actions to the level a heroic act of “resistance.” [7]

Former PA minister education and higher education, Sabri Saidam, justified the naming of Palestinian Arab institutions and public venues after murderers since “both Palestinians and Israelis honor those who they view as their national heroes, no matter how the other side views them. It is peculiar that Israel names streets and major installations after its own founders and so-called heroes, and the Palestinians are not allowed to do so,” he said, citing former Israeli Prime Ministers David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin. “One’s man hero is another man’s terrorist,” he said. [8]



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