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A Gang of Pecksniffs against Animals

Henry Louis Mencken was a penetrating writer, who represented the crux of the journalism of America. Then, a philosophical analysis of his work will be useful to understand that journalism. To do this, I...

El país de a medias

Dentro de los lamentables acontecimientos de la semana pasada están la inusitada violencia en el estadio La Corregidora de Querétaro y también las sanciones decretadas por la Federación Mexicana de Futbol, que deja escapar...

 The Limits Of Revelation

Most of us, when we think of a revelation, we think first of a religious transmission from God to humans.  A message that we find in a scripture.  After that we think of what...

The Breakdown Of Marriage In Modern Technological Society

Marriage is the human institution that provides the legal foundation for the creation of the family. In most family situations, the husband is treated as the father of the offspring. I say most because...

Listening Comfortably To The Sounds That Are Around You

One of the most important skills for any human being to develop who lives in a social setting is that of listening.  We all hear to the best of our biological ability to do...

Comunidades de valores y principios

Los cambios sociales profundos se logran con la voluntad y el compromiso de una mayoría que adopta comportamientos que ayudan a mejorar las condiciones de vida de toda una comunidad. Sin embargo, no es...

Our Growing Indifference To Other People

One topic that seems to come up lately in my conversations with friends is the growing inconsiderateness that people show one another in today’s world.  Drivers with road rage, gruff or indifferent salespeople, impatient...

The Difficulty Of Maintaining Positive Relationships In A Vacuum World

Trust and love represent two positive emotional attributes of the human relationship to the external world.  Although they can be interconnected with one another, they are always distinct from one another.  Trust refers to...

El sistema

La ciudadanía siempre estará enojada con el estado, siempre. Casi nunca o muy pocas veces en la historia, y no sólo de México, la ciudadanía han estado contentos con el Estado, con sus funcionarios...

The Need To Set Social Fires Through Fast Fashion

There was a time in human history, when most people had just one set of clothes. Unlike much of the clothing today, it was made to last a long time. Only when the factory...