El equipo de esperaba albergar este programa bajo las cálidas palmeras en San Diego, CA, pero de acuerdo con las pautas de seguridad durante la pandemia, lo trasladarán a Zoom. Incluso con estas limitaciones, le ofrece una increíble variedad de clases, actividades y programas culturales de yiddish. ¡Eche un vistazo a los detalles a continuación y aparte la fecha!


As we near the end of October, we are getting ready for our Yiddish children's education events and classes in November. Give the gift of Yiddish to the younger generation! There are several opportunities to sign your child up for Yiddish learning. The first is a class series with Naomi Miller starting this Sunday, November 1st - sign up for the first free class here! For a free kid-friendly yoga class on Sunday, November 5thclick here! And finally, Dave Fried's alef beys for children class series, Yidish far kluge kinder, starts on Sunday, November 12th click here for the first free class.

Because of the dramatic events happening in Poland right now, we organized a special event that will take place next Thursday, November 5th, and is titled Discussion Circle for Reproductive Rights in Poland - Examining Abortion in Yiddish Literature. For the registration link and more info, please click here.

We also want to remind you that our South African Yiddish Culture Showcase is coming up on Sunday, November 22nd, and you can get your tickets here.

All these events and classes can be found on our website: www.yaaana.com. Please go there for all the information about our children's classes and all our other events!

We are also happy to announce 

Not Your Usual Intensive Winter Yiddish Language and Culture Program

Coming up this December. Our team had hoped to host this program under the palm trees in sunny San Diego, but in keeping with safety guidelines during the pandemic, we are moving it to Zoom. Even with these constraints, we are bringing you an amazing lineup of Yiddish classes, activities, and cultural programs. Please take a look at the details below, and save the date!

Not Your Usual Intensive Winter Yiddish Language and 
Culture Program - December 6th - 20th

Read here for the classes we will be offering as part of the program and their respective instructors

We are looking for volunteers! If you are not able to attend the program due to financial constraints, contact us to find out how you can participate free of charge while volunteering or interning for YAAANA. Contact us at info@yaaana.com for more information.


Other Events Happening Soon

Discussion Circle for Reproductive Rights in Poland
Examining Abortion in Yiddish Literature

Come join in solidarity with those in Poland fighting for reproductive freedom.
The current Law and Justice party (PiS) of Poland wants to implement a near-total ban on abortion. Huge protests have shut down cities across Poland as women protestors are joined by farmers, miners and others who are taking a stand against the legislation.
For this event we will gather on Zoom to read and discuss Blume Lempel's The Debt, a Yiddish story that takes place in an abortion clinic. Ellen Cassedy and Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, the translators of this story from Yiddish to English, will be joining us and leading the discussion. You do not have to speak Yiddish to attend this event!

DateThursday, November 5th
Time12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. in the U.K., 8 p.m. in most of Europe, 9 p.m. in Israel)

Kvetsh and Teach - Yidish lerers komitet

Date: Sunday, Nov. 15th
Time: 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. in the U.K., 6 p.m. in most of Europe, 7 p.m. in Israel)
On Nov. 15, let's come together to kvetsh, teach, and support one another! This meeting will not have a specific topic, but here are two suggested agendas, which we can modify or combine depending on interest:
1. We each bring some issues we're struggling with, for discussion, support, perhaps even a solution!
2. In small groups, we reflect on and pursue solutions to some of the problems we've already identified in our first meeting (eg. assessment, intermediate/advanced curriculum, penpals, community teaching).

This group is for teachers/educators of Yiddish language and culture who would like to meet with colleagues to exchange and discuss strategies, resources, and ideas about teaching during the time of coronavirus and beyond.
Cost: Free


Yiddish for Advanced Students

A conversation class designed for those who already read and speak Yiddish fluently and want to deepen their knowledge by discussing different topics each week. See below for the conversation topic for the next meeting date, Tuesday, November 3rd, and please click here to register.

דעם 3טן נאָוועמבער


געבוירן־טאָג איז אַ וויכטיקער טייל פֿון דער מאָדערנער קולטור – כאָטש אַפֿילו נאָך מיט 100 יאָר צוריק האָט מען עס ווײַט־ווײַט ניט אומעטום געפּראַוועט. וואָס באַטײַט דער דאָזיקער טאָג פֿאַר אײַך? צי איז עס בלויז אַ צאָל, אַ וויכטיקער שוועל, אַ געלעגנהייט צו פֿאַרזאַמלען חבֿרים? צי האָט זיך דער באַטײַט פֿון געבוירן־טאָג געביטן אין משך פֿון יאָרן? און אפֿשר דאַרף מען פֿאַרלאָזן די אָ מאָדנע טראַדיציע? לאָמיר הערן וועגן אײַערע טראַדיציעס – אָדער ניט קיין טראַדיציעס.

We hope to see you at our classes and events! 

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Enjoy our educational offerings,
The team