As you left the area of the gorgeous Mikvah with the sweet music of the Marimba still filling your ears, you went up the steps to the Social Hall. Marion Vigderovich and Jane Penhas were helping at the door and by the Mikvah.

As you entered the Social Hall one word described your vision: Elegance to the Umpteeth Degree.

Thanks to the auspices of Dr. Patty Kobisher and the Entrepreneur Ada Levy, the tables set up for 200 people were decked out with a bottom blue tablecloth as the background and a beautiful white-laced tablecloth on top. Tiffany Chairs completed the arrangement and a display of beautiful white flowers including natural scented roses testified quietly to the purity of The Mikvah.

Ahead, in front, a beautiful ´´Manta´´ prettily written honored the inauguration of The Mikvah.

And to the front left, a screen with musical videos showing the great different areas of including: Yerushalayim, , Lake Kineret, Netanya, Modiim, etc. were shown as a background of popular Hebrew Songs, Liturgic Popular Songs and Yiddish Songs which contributed to the feeling of past reminiscences: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Kineret Sheli, Shnei Shoshanim, My Yiddishe Mame, Roshinkes Mit Mandlen, Tumbalalaika, Un As de Rebbe Ret, Oseh Shalom, Shabat Shalom, Am Hai and many others:
those courtesy of Yael Deitz, a Jewish French Lady.

A week before the day of the inauguration of The Mikvah, there were 149 confirmed attendees.
There were five mini-buses, each holding 14 occupants plus the driver, and two mini-vans for a total of 15 people all servicing the areas of both Chula Vista and San Diego. All were taken.

The response to the happening of the Inauguration of The Mikvah was overwhelming from the San Diego Jewish Communities.

Besides the round tables which filled the Social Hall, five more rectangular tables, with their accompanying chairs had to be set-up bringing them up from the dining-room area downstairs.
The final attendance count was of 238 people.

The whole ambience was vibrantly Jewish.


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The community work at the Centro Social Israelita de Baja California, A. C. Mrs. Sofía Model Segal started in the 1970’S. The only opening in the board was in the religious committee, and she worked there for 5 years. Her son Eric Segal and Dr. Louis Katz conducted the High Holidays free of charge. The fist orthodox Rabbi, Rabbi David Weicman, now a teacher at an Israeli Hebrew University, was brought by Mrs. Segal from Mexico City. In the 1980´S she was the accompanist of a choir at the Centro Social for five years. And since 1997 she woked for the Centro and was chosen as President of the same. She instituted the first Jewish accredited grammar school of Tijuana which lasted a few years until she had to leave for personal circunstances. Now she was instrumental in building a new Kosher Mikveh which was approved on October 17th 2017. This beautiful Mikveh will be inaugurated on December 09, 2017. A contest for an original drawing or Project of a Mikveh was entered by children 14 years or younger including those from the Centro Social, San Diego Jewish Academy, Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School, Chabad Jewish Academy and Beth Eliyahu.