Diario Judío México - Dec. 4 at 7pm at Smith Recital Hall (SDSU) come hear the music of ’s Broken Consort’s new recording “SHIMMERING LIGHTS.”

Concert is Free

Members of Hot Pstromi (Jeff Pekarek – bass, Fred Benedetti – guitar, Eizabeth Schwartz – vocals – violin) will be joined by special guest musicians: Alex Greenbaum – cello, Amos Hoffman – oud/guitar, David Wallace – viola and Sara Caswell – violin. Strom has taken traditional , Ladino, and Hebrew Khanike songs and arranged them in new exciting ways that takes the listener from Morocco to Poland to America and to Spain. The concert will feature each artist’s different improvisational interpretations with bluegrass, blues, klezmer, Arabic, jazz and classical motifs infused in the various melodies.

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