There are a handful of cultural items, terms, foods and the like associated with Hanukkah, including of course, dreidels, menorahs, sufganiyhot, chocolate gelt, latkas, and the 'festival of lights'.

But not much else.

And when it comes to shopping for this holiday, the choices available are even more scarce. But not anymore.

As our favourite of Jewish holidays draws nearer, Shalom Life is proud to continue with our Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide: 8 crazy nights of amazing gift ideas, and 8 crazy nights of free giveaways, poised to make this year's holiday a bit easier, a bit less stressful, and a bit lighter on your wallet.

For a wide selection of interesting, unique, and enjoyable gift ideas, check out Days One, Two, Three, FourFive and Six.

These aforementioned gift ideas are eclectic in style and nature, ranging from latke-themed bibs, Matisyahu sing-a-long apps for kids, hilariously Jewish T-shirts, delicious macarons, fine artworks, and more. But just in case you still feel like we're missing on something, just in case there's a gift idea out there for Hanukkah we have yet to cover, for Day 7 of the Guide, we decided to recommend an online store whose products are so versatile, wide-ranging, and fun, you'll be able to find gifts for your three-year-old niece, your scandalous next-door neighbour, your dimwitted best friend, and your delightfully charming grandpapa, all while perusing within the confines of a single URL address.

Yes, thanks to Traditions Jewish Gifts (a Jewish online Wal Mart of sorts), you can find both religious and non-religious items, jewellery, mezuzahs, holiday gifts like dreidels and menorahs, picture frames, kitchen gifts, wedding gifts, dolls, the list goes on and on. And, as the company's Wendy Silver-Gordon tells me, there's even a 'When Holidays Collide' collection that 'has been getting everyone excited'.

We're pretty excited for Thanksgivukkah, too.

Looks like it's going to be gifts-a-plenty this holiday season.

GIVEAWAY: As part of the Essential Gift Guide, Traditions Jewish Gifts is pleased to offer a $36 gift certificate to ANYTHING available in their store (a word of advice to the winner, leave yourself at least an hour or two to browse, as there are a plethora of options available). To enter, share this story via Facebook and/or Twitter and LIKE both Traditions Jewish Gifts and Shalom Life on Facebook. Then send an email to with the headline TRADITION. Happy Holidays!

Make sure to check back here tomorrow for more gift ideas and free giveaways as we move forward with our 8-day Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide.

Traditions Jewish Gifts is the online extension the family-owned Traditions Judaica Gifts store at the Festival Market in South Florida's Pompano Beach. As Silver-Gordon writes, "Those of you who've visited our store know that we offer one of the largest collections of Judaica gifts in the world. However, what you may not know is that our business is founded on the same Jewish traditions we celebrate with our customers daily."

"It wasn't a store built only on sales," she adds. "It was a store built on traditions."

Since Silver-Gordon begun the online version in 2008, Traditions Jewish Gifts has blossomed into a lucrative Judaica store with a warehouse full of eclectic merchandise.

Categories on the site include Mezuzahs, Menorahs, Shabbat & Religious Items, Jewish Holidays, Jewish Jewellery, Jewish Gifts & Home, Jewish Weddings, Bat Mitzvah Gifts, Judaica Gifts, and On Sale.

The sub-categories involved are plentiful, accurate and concise (including various themes, types of jewellery, topical gift ideas, etc.) providing the user with the optimal shopping experience.

With products so diverse, its easy to see that Traditions Jewish Gifts have certainly kept in the loop and are following modern trends, all while offering traditional and orthodox Judaica items that won't alienate its loyal fanbase.

Of course, there are several options for the Hanukkah season, many of which are highlighted on the company's Facebook page: the glow stick menorah (ideal for anyone hosting their Hanukkah dinner at a nightclub), Hanukkah-style ceramic coffee cups, 'Hanukkah in Your Pocket' menorahs, silk Hanukkah ties, Jewish bling iPhone cases and much more.

And of course, they have items available for those celebrating Thanksgivukkah this year including 'Happy Hanukkah and Happy Thanksgiving' cocoa, mug sets, teddy bears, bibs, aprons, and more.

"Our business lets us help our customers celebrate the same milestones and traditions we've celebrated in our own lives," says Silver-Gordon. "As a result, we've kept traditions alive for thousands of satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in our customer service: if you can't find something online, call or email us. We'll work our hardest to find it for you."

Despite its modern bearings and aesthetic appeal, it seems obvious that this particular Judaica store is focused on preserving and maintaing our Jewish heritage, with items that will rekindle your love for Judaism (that is, if it needs rekindling).

So for this year's Hanukkah season, instead of frantically searching for individual gifts that will semi-please members of your family, friends, loved ones, and so forth, why not visit Traditions Jewish Gifts and do all of your holiday shopping at one convenient online location? And by entering our contest (details listed above) you'll already get a head start with a $36 gift certificate to any of these wonderful Jewish-inspired products.

Head over to Traditions Jewish Gifts and start shopping.

Hag Sameach, and make sure to tune in to Shalom Life on tomorrow as we embark on the final day of our 8-day Essential Hanukkah Gift Guide. You won't want to miss it.


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