Alternative Medicine and the Kosher Restaurant in Tijuana

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The previous Mikveh in Tijuana was obsolete.  After the odyssey of the trips of Rabbi Ephraim and his family with the principal objective of the use of a viable Mikveh, there was no other conclusion but to build a Mikveh.   Internet would show us the way.  With the aid of some construction people, we proceeded the task of building a Mikveh.  We were careful to follow the instructions.

In Tijuana, there is availability of alternative medicine.  Many people come to this area in order to try to get better through alternative medicine method.  Most of them are from the U. S.; from Florida, from New York, from Texas, also from other countries such as Israel and many in South America.  There was this lady from Yerushalayim who spent a weekend at the Centro.  Since she specialized in tuning pianos, she tuned the two pianos we have on hand at the Centro Social at no charge. There was this man with his wife and children from New York staying at the Marriott.  He was very happy when we provided them with Kosher meals which we took directly to them and he told us that he was very grateful and that he couldn’t believe that there was such a place like the Centro in Tijuana.

Another man stays at our facilities and does business in Tijuana and partakes of the Kosher food we offer.  Recently, we had two religious teen-agers that found us and were happy to eat at our restaurant.  But those people that come for alternative medicine are the ones that search us and are grateful to use our facilities with all that it entails in a place such as ours.

It is good to be needed and be able to service our fellow landsmen.

Meanwhile, the Mikveh in Tijuana continued to be built.  Thanks to internet, we continued the construction of what we thought to be a Kosher Mikveh.

Acerca de Sofía Model Segal

The community work at the Centro Social Israelita de Baja California, A. C. Mrs. Sofía Model Segal started in the 1970’S. The only opening in the board was in the religious committee, and she worked there for 5 years. Her son Eric Segal and Dr. Louis Katz conducted the High Holidays free of charge. The fist orthodox Rabbi, Rabbi David Weicman, now a teacher at an Israeli Hebrew University, was brought by Mrs. Segal from Mexico City. In the 1980´S she was the accompanist of a choir at the Centro Social for five years. And since 1997 she woked for the Centro and was chosen as President of the same. She instituted the first Jewish accredited grammar school of Tijuana which lasted a few years until she had to leave for personal circunstances. Now she was instrumental in building a new Kosher Mikveh which was approved on October 17th 2017. This beautiful Mikveh will be inaugurated on December 09, 2017. A contest for an original drawing or Project of a Mikveh was entered by children 14 years or younger including those from the Centro Social, San Diego Jewish Academy, Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School, Chabad Jewish Academy and Beth Eliyahu.

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