Why should Israel be a “normal” country?

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David Grün (David Ben-Gurion) emigrated to Palestine in 1906, at that time controlled by the Ottomans, to become an agricultural worker, putting into practice the philosophy that would inspire Zionists for the next four decades. The idea was to cultivate the land with their own hands, to create “new Jews”, different from those trained for centuries in the diaspora doing non-manual work. Nineteen centuries later, David Grün took the opposite path to the one embarked upon by Ezra, Simeon ben Shetach, Yohanan ben Zakkai and Joshua ben Gamla, who, after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans, imposed the heavy burden of compulsory literacy on their people. The sacralization of a written text in place of the Temple, and the obligation of reading it aloud together, made the Jews aware of their collective identity, and endowed them with the social resources that allowed them to constantly renew said identity, regardless of the time and space where they were located. The harsh measures of the wise Pharisees triggered mass desertions from Judaism and a universal diaspora towards the cities around the world in search of professions compatible with the heavy religious burden of compulsory literacy, according to the thesis insinuated by Max Weber and upheld by Maristella Botticini and Zvi Eckstein in THE CHOSEN FEW. In an incredible twist of history, in 1948, the heavy burdens of Jewish religion and agriculture were able to come together in the State of Israel.

In another incredible turning point of history, the newly created State of Israel, inundated by an avalanche of dispossessed immigrants, managed to increase per capita income by 35% between 1950 and 1970. In 2024, Israel is now a technological economy, which, due to its DISTINCTIVE characteristics, is the object of desire for global investors such as Warren Buffett, Dell, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Israel is a country where multinational companies are locating their R&D centers, and also the country with the most listed companies in the NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Index, after the United States itself. Israeli companies have achieved this unparalleled competitive position thanks to their DISTINCTIVENESS, which makes them unique in each business segment.  If Israeli companies achieve success by distinguishing themselves from other global companies, why do Israelis insist on being like the rest of the world?


The Bible is the founding document of Western Civilization. In it we find the universal concept of a SCAPEGOAT, the cruel and very effective mechanism of blaming an innocent and helpless person for one’s own mistakes. SOCIOLOGISTS WITHOUT BORDERS explains that, just as in the biblical story, society has used this mechanism to overcome threats of all kinds to common life at different times in history. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, the most common SCAPEGOAT has been the PEDOPHILE. The sexual abuse of minors, as Marvin Harris explains, is logically carried out by those closest to them, such as parents, uncles and cousins, and is also a form of adultery. As this reality is incompatible with the nuclear family, societies after Emperor Hadrian invented the mythical figure of the pedophile, a resource for social stabilization, widely used since then to coexist unproblematically with the abuse of minors by adults in the family environment.

Fifteenth-century Christian Europe saw the combination of the tyranny of patriarchy over women, the publication of the book Hammer of Witches in 1487 by the inquisitive monks Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, and the support of Pope Innocent VIII for the creation of the myth of the WITCH as a scapegoat. Witches were accused of threatening Christianity through their alliance with the devil. Tens of thousands of women were burned alive as a result, mainly elderly and socially isolated women.

The history of the Jews is a history of the world observed from the viewpoint of cultured and intelligent victims, who, by preserving and renewing their identity throughout 3,000 years of history, have accumulated an immense number of testimonies of the BLACK HOLE of the Alliance of Civilizations of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is not that the Jews were the most persecuted and hated people in the world. It is that the obese, those accused of pedophilia, homosexuals, left handers, albinos, lepers, bearers of physical abominations, women, slaves and eunuchs, have not told us their 3,000-year history.


When a female chimpanzee is attacked by a male, which is very common, possibly no one else in the community will know it, except an eyewitness, and the victim will not be able to tell anyone. Even the obese, who today are considered the most discriminated human group, have not been able to tell us about their accumulated suffering. Of the slaves and eunuchs who throughout history have been treated like domestic cattle, we know nothing of the monstrosity of their sufferings. History was written by the victors, and we know Spartacus from what the Servile Wars, written by the Romans, said about him. 

Of the Egyptian human sacrifices of the First Dynasty (3100-2890 BC), of the human sacrifices of the Shang dynasty in China, or of the human sacrifices of the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent of Teotihuacan, we have no testimony of their victims or of their families and friends, only the cold information provided by archaeologists and anthropologists.

The Jews are the only case in the history of humanity in which the conquered par excellence have been able to write the account of the events, a well-documented history of what happened. The Jewish testimony is disturbing. When the starship Enterprise of the United Federation of Planets arrives from the Andromeda Galaxy in the (not too distant) future, its occupants will be able to read two conflicting versions of human history. That of the Englishman Shakespeare, and that of the English perpetrators of the Massacre of the Jews in York on March 16, 1190. That of the Spaniard Cervantes, and that of the Spanish murderers of the Jews in Seville on June 6, 1391. That of the Frenchman Victor Hugo, and that of the French who burned 32 Jewish women and children alive on May 26, 1171 in Blois. That of the Russian Empire subject Tolstoy, and that of the Russian Empire subjects such as the Christian inhabitants of Kishinev, who on April 18, 1903 murdered Jews from the ghetto and burned down their houses. That of the German writer Goethe, and that of other Germans such as the 900,000 men from the SS and the 1,200,000 railroad workers who, along with the rest of the German people, applauded and supported the Holocaust. That of the Italian Dante Alighieri, and that of the Italians who perpetrated the Massacre of the Assumption, which took place in the Jewish quarter of Modica (Sicily) on August 15, 1472. That of the Arab-Andalusian Averroes, and that of his fellow citizens who murdered 4,000 Jews in Granada on December 30, 1066. That of the Persian Omar Kayam, and that of the Persians perpetrators of the Shiraz Blood Libel who massacred a Jewish community on October 30, 1910


In October 1973, the CONSENSUS among Israeli civilian and military leaders was the idea that Egypt and Syria would not attack until they had enough of an air force to cover ground operations. In October 2023, the CONSENSUS among Israeli civilian and military leaders was that the terrorist group Hamas was being appeased by the huge amounts of money sent by Qatar, and was more interested in administering Gaza and corrupting itself than in attacking Israel. At the beginning of 2024, the CONSENSUS among leaders and the population is that Israel is a normal country, or at least a Western democracy surrounded by neighbors that are evolving towards moderation, as witnessed by the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, and the Abraham Accords.

On October 7, 2023, something immensely cruel and painful happened, but not anything serious for Israel’s security. Serious, because the Israeli spacecraft BERESHEET crashed in April 2019 as it was about to reach the surface of the Moon. Serious, because a private company in the hands of an unpredictable and fickle tycoon like Elon Musk can decide on the course of the war in Ukraine with a private satellite communications system like Starlink. Serious, because the COVID-19 vaccine was not made in Israel. These are worrying defeats for Israel, along with the lack of unity among its citizens.

DISTINCTIVENESS is also missing in the war that Israel if fighting against its enemies Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Divergent thinking (one that proposes different solutions to the same problem) from outside the military is also missing. Pro-activity in the destruction of the threat is also missing. And economic, biological, chemical, nano-technological, and psychological weapons for the elimination of enemies are also missing. Unimaginable systems are missing in today’s wars, but they will come out of the brains of Jewish geniuses. But above all, the EXCLUSIVITY of the possession of these weapons is missing.

John von Neumann, Albert Einstein, Edward Teller, Victor Weisskopf, Hans Bethe, Lise Meitner, Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi, Otto Stern, Eugene Wigner, and Leó Szilárd: all of them Jews, and all of them refugees in the US from European antisemitism, made their host country the world’s leading nuclear power. All of them heirs of the butterfly effect in the first century of the Common Era; of the decisions made by a group of Pharisee leaders who imposed compulsory literacy and the common public reading aloud of a sanctified written text; and all of them driven out by Adolf Hitler to meet and collaborate in the United States. Today, Jews have an institutional entity, the State of Israel, which is obliged to repeat the virtuous conjunction of Jewish brains that took place in the United States in 1940, with the institutional tools that did not exist then. And to carry out a deterrence capacity unparalleled in the world, as the only valid option for long-term coexistence in the Middle East. The Peace Agreement with Egypt, with Jordan and the Abraham Accords, with 90% of their populations against it, have the same future as the MAGINOT LINE in 1940.


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Nacido en Salamanca, España el 11/09/1959. Sociólogo por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Estudioso de la microsociología y del impacto la neurociencia en la teoría de interaccionismo social. Actualmente realizando una tesis sobre minorías creativas en el mundo. Ex funcionario del Estado Español en Auditoria Publica. Ex director comercial de Bankia Fondos de Inversión. Articulista en prensa escrita española.

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