Latin America – waiting for Allah

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Latin America - waiting for Allah

Islamic leaders are allying with South American indigenous groups, because they see this impoverished, illiterate population, as the ideal environment for starting an extremist revolution and converting them to Islam. The process may take hundreds of years, but time means nothing to the fundamentalist. After all Allah is immortal and if Muslims waited 1300 years before invading Europe again, they can wait to convert Christians, animists and pagans.

In 711 C.E. Muslims crossed the Straight of Gibraltar to capture the Iberian Peninsula. Twenty years later they invaded France and may have conquered it, if they had not lost the Battle of Poitiers in 732. The Reconquest of Spain took 700 years, ending when the Catholic Kings won back Granada in January 1492. This was Islam’s first attempt to conquer Europe and it ended in failure.

In the 16th Century, Turkish Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, conquered Serbia, Hungry, Transylvania and Moldavia. In 1529 he attempted to besiege Vienna, but was turned back. In the following centuries, one by one, the European countries occupied by the Turks recovered their independence. This was the second Islamic attempt to conquer Europe.

The third onslaught started 30 years ago and, unlike the first two army invasions, it involved infiltrating millions of immigrants, in a strategy that is proving to be much more successful than the previous two attempts. The first European country to convert to Islam will be Holland. Today the majority of under-14-year-olds in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague are Muslims, while in France 10 percent of the population is Islamic. In Spain where there are one million Muslims, President Rodriguez Zapatero has announced plans to fund the construction of mosques and teach Islam in schools. If the Catholic Kings got wind of it they would turn in their graves.

The problem is not the religion itself since everyone is free to believe, or not to believe, as they choose. The problem is that many of the new generation of Muslims in Europe, openly reject what they see to be its materialistic, secular, degenerate society. Bernard Lewis — for many the greatest Islamic expert in the world — has forecast: “Europe will enter a crisis of unimaginable proportions.”

Before the Spanish there was no monotheistic religion in Latin America. So did the indigenous people really understand the philosophical, mystic concept of the Judeo-Christian God? Probably not, which is why they are still more animist than Christian, and their Catholic customs coexist comfortably with paganism. People with such frail principles and scant strength of spirit are easily persuaded.

The danger is terrifying because it means converting a free society into a tyrannical one. Every human being, has the need and right, to the mental expansion and relaxation that allows you to step outside the prohibitive rules of a rigid society. When this option is denied, people look for other ways to release their pent-up passion. This sometimes involves violence, often inside the home, but also outside it, as occurs in the Middle East.

Moslems find their main enemy in our western concept of freewill, something that is totally alien for them. To understand their thinking, we should listen to their leaders. The army of Ansar al-Sunnah, an Iraqi terrorist group linked with al-Qaeda, has declared: “Democracy is a Greek word meaning the rule of the people, which means that the people do what they see fit. This concept is considered apostasy and defies the belief in one God.” A manifesto published on the group’s website argues that democracy is a form of idolatry, because to believe that people, rather than Allah, have the capacity to make laws “idolizes” human beings.

Could Latin Americans ever submit to Islam’s fanatical, reactionary mentality? Probably not willingly, but perhaps for money or by force. Indigenous leaders have powerful economic and political reasons for helping these fanatics, with whom they share a common hatred for Americans and Westerners. Worse still, today’s contradictory leftwing, in its abundant ignorance, praises and encourages islamists, without realizing that they are committing suicide, because Islam is particularly intolerant of the liberal philosophy preached by the leftists.


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