A malignant congresswoman from the State of Minnesota is again trying to reduce the US help for Israel, based on their poor treatment of the Gazans and Westbankers. She refers to the both as living in occupied territory, receiving bad treatment, and of course talks about their human rights.

To be easily noticed, this genius of , et al, by the way from the same state as Ilhan Omar (which makes me wonder what is Minnesota breeding) is another antisemite.I am also very curious to know how these two persons were elected. There is nothing in their curriculum that should have permitted them to represent anyone, much less a State.

Most notorious is that to both McCollum and Omar, the Gazans and Westbankers are angels. There is nowhere in their demands for monetary aide regarding their terminating payments to terrorists, or assassins or suicide bombers or rockets from those areas, which constantly have the Israelis full of concern and terror. If these two were to really want to combine the aide money along with behavior modification, then they would have a much larger list of requirements before speaking badly about Israel and offering money (which the Abbas government steals anyway). Remember Arafat had a $1Billion bank account of which half allowed his widow to remain in France.

J Street and J Voice for Peace, among others, again are in agreement with these nuts' proposals. However, AIPAC and others are challenging McCollum's proposals. What is most important is that all major, honestly pro-Jewish associations start a campaign to defund J Street and J Voice for Peace, the latter being a big motivator for embolding antisemitism in colleges.

These congress people are obviously not alone in their stance against Israel. There is a Colorado House of Representative person named Iman Jodeh who has a mouth full of antisemitism. Yes, Rashida Tlaib is part of the group.

Pablo Nankin, MD


  1. The case of US Middle East security and stability aid for Israel vs. Reps. Betsy McCollum, Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar
    Read: Minnesota Democrat sponsors bill to restrict aid to Israel
    Read: Pro-Israel groups blast a new bill set to be introduced in Congress by Minnesota Democrat Betty McCollum, co-sponsored by Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar putting conditions on US aid to Israel
    Betsy McCollum (Democrat-Minnesota), a malicious, clueless congresswoman is again trying to condition US financial aid for Israel on the treatment of the deprived Gazans and Ramallah dwellers. McCollum refers to these Arabs as occupied by Israel, subjected to Israeli wicked treatment, and of course their human rights are expunged by Israelis.
    Betsy McCollum’s proposed bill is supported by anti-Israel Rep. Ilhan Omar.
    Appropriate to notice here, the lies teller McCollum was sent to congress from Minnesota, the same state that sent anti-Semite Ilhan Omar to congress. That may make one ponder what type of people Minnesota is breeding?! By electing these two representatives one has the right to assume that too many Minnesotans are anti-Israel-anti-Semites.
    From their offices in Capitol Hill, well-guarded by hundreds of National Guardians, these two congress members are far removed from Middle East reality and are guided by their detestation for Israel. These two representatives appear to think that the Gazans and Ramallah dwellers are civilized, what is far from the truth. Instead of proposing a bill that demands terminating payments to Gazans and Ramallah dwellers terrorists, assassins, suicide bombers or rockets shooters, all targeting Israeli civilians, McCollum and Omar are targeting Israel that is defending itself from these daily villainous attacks. By going after Israel the two also do a disservice to the United States for which Israel is the most reliable Middle Eastern ally.
    If the two congress members are genuine about properly attaching US funding to the recipients’ behavior, then Israel is by far not the first recipient to be scrutinized. But of course this is not about good US foreign policy and rational disbursement of aid funds, rather, it is about anti-Israel policy.
    The part that should dismay all Jews is that J Street and Jewish Voice For Peace (JVP), among other self-hating “Jewish” organizations, all gathered in the anti-Israel tent, marching along with anti-Israel Betsy McCollum and Ilhan Omar and their like.
    Therefore, defunding and cancelling J Street, Jewish Voice For Peace and their like self-hating-anti-Israel organizations should be a priority to all Jews who care about their own safety.
    Nowadays, the Democrat Party is hostile to Israel and thus is hostile to all Jews. Time for Jews to leave this political tent that is leaking antisemitism arson rain.
    Nurit Greenger
    Los Angeles, California

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