Diario Judío México - Council Members of the city of West Hollywood , Heilman, Duran and Meister:

Mr. Duran did you exercise your freedom of speech on your ranting episode ?Then why apologize?

Ms. Meister – shame on you! Do you know about “burning books?” This is what these types of “documentaries” lead to.

I am disgusted and appalled, as are many others, that you approved the showing of the movie “Catastrophe in 1948,” which is essentially anti-Semitic propaganda, and obviously slanted in its’ content. Above all it offers nothing of value toward improved community relations – only to castigate all of the Jews who live, work, shop or seek entertainment in West Hollywood.

This unfortunate decision has a long arm: for one thing your City immediately surfaces as a hateful and intolerant city in spite of all their continuous “talk” about how “liberal”you are.

Do you actually think that the decision helps to make West Hollywood look progressive? In fact, this only indicates hate and more religious discrimination which is what the endorsers of the film look for. The groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, CAIR and the BDS movement want just that.

What you have achieved by agreeing to show the movie is so outwardly anti-Semitic. Do you hope it will inflame the passion of anti-Semites, and encourage future attacks on Jews?

Apparently, you have never heard of CAIR which is the group deemed to be affiliated with Hamas. CAIR that last Saturday honored Ilhan Omar – who told the attendees “to raise hell”!

Now this movie will give Jewish voice for Peace and other similarly minded groups more ammunition to continue to harass Jews specially college students. Is anyone in West Hollywood really safe with your embracing this type of hatred?

Mayor D’Amico and future mayor Horvath,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support.

Pablo Nankin, MD